Friday, February 23, 2018

Landing My Dream Job

Remember when you were five and wanted to be an astronaut or a princess or an airplane, and all the adults around you told you that you could absolutely be anything you wanted to be? From the time I can remember, more than anything I wanted to be a writer or an editor. It was a dream my family and teachers and everyone around me nurtured and supported through my grade school years.

But as I got older and had to start thinking for real about what I wanted to do with my future, something changed. I still loved writing and editing, but I began to wonder if these were real jobs. And even if they were, who was I to think I could have a career in publishing? Some of the adults around me began to encourage me to pursue more "practical" careers than writing as well.

So, in the end, I chickened out from wholeheartedly pursuing writing. Oh, I studied Communication, English, and Spanish in college, but I no longer thought a career in publishing was in my future, even if I continued to secretly hope it might be. After college, I took a position in public relations and financial development for the American Red Cross. And though I enjoyed the writing and editing I did in that job, it wasn't quite the same as writing and editing books.

Then my husband decided to go back to school to become a pastor, which meant a move to a new state. To my surprise, our new hometown boasted several publishing houses. It felt like an opportunity had just landed in my backyard, and I hoped just maybe this was my chance to finally establish a career in publishing. I sent my resume to The Creative Company and soon found myself an editor for an award-winning children's publishing house. To say it was a dream come true wouldn't do the moment justice.

Under the guidance of my mentor at Creative, I learned the ins and outs of editing and had the chance to work with some amazing authors on their books. I even authored my first series of published books—and have since gone on to write more than 250 titles.

Until taking the job with Creative, I had never realized it was possible to love working so much! I never wanted to leave. But my husband eventually finished school, and we had to move out of the area. Fortunately, writing and editing can be done anywhere, and for the past 14 years, I've continued to work with publishing companies, individuals, and businesses to meet their writing and editing needs.
My early days as a freelance editor coincided with my early days as a new mom.
Always good to have a helper!

I am fully aware of how blessed I am to wake up every day looking forward to the work ahead of me. I am quite literally living my dream and loving every moment of it. So if you have a dream, keep working for it. I truly believe you can achieve it!

Is your dream to become an author, to create an award-winning website, or to finish your dissertation? Let me know in the comments. And if there's any way I can help you, feel free to visit my editorial website.

School Visit, Pulaski, Wisconsin (Or, When My Heart Melted)

5 days. 2 schools. 1,000+ students. 30 presentations.

I enjoyed an exhausting but wonderful week visiting Glenbrook and Sunnyside Elementary schools in Pulaski, Wisconsin. As always, I loved sharing my experiences as an author and teaching students about the process of researching, writing, and revising a book, but my favorite part of the visit was the inspiration these young creatives gave me. Check out these amazing books and letters they wrote for me.

One even dedicated his book to me. And another wrote, "When I was just 7 years old, I started to read your books. I thinked, hey, I want to be a writer. I'd always wanted to meet you and it finally came true." 

This right here? It's exactly why I do what I do!